Two Asset-Backed Offerings for Yield-Starved Investors 

Cache Private Capital Diversified Fund ("CPCD") is a Regulation D 506 mortgage REIT that was founded in 2008. The Fund makes short-term, business-purpose, asset-backed commercial loans to qualified borrowers in strong markets. As a high-velocity income product, CPC has distributed gains for over 100 consecutive months without a diluting loan loss. During this time, over $80 Million in principal and interest income has been returned to investors. CPCD requires senior position liens on real estate collateral, making it a more secure investment when compared to most traditional offerings and even opportunistic alternative products. The Fund makes it possible for accredited investors to participate in higher-quality, larger, more secure transactions. CPCD is a non-leveraged fund with no defined lock-up period, both rare features in today's yield-starved climate. Its fee structure puts investors first. Promulgated under rule 506-D, this is not a solicitation for investments into CPC Diversified Fund. 

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Prospera Growth Fund is a Regulation 506-C offering open for investment from accredited investments. As a compliment to CPC's income model, Prospera focuses on longer-term growth. This strategy is accomplished through equity investments in partnership with quality sponsors. Projects range in size, from $2,000,000 and up. Terms range from 2-5 years to provide optimal time for projects to stabilize and produce the most lucrative exits. Asset classes include multifamily, retail, office, development, and more. With an 8% preferential return and 30% of project upside dedicated for investors, Prospera Growth Fund targets an annualized return in the mid-teens. Like CPC Diversified Fund, Prospera Growth Fund is also managed by CPC Management-- made of principals well-versed in every aspect of real estate investing and finance. Prospera is actively subscribing accredited investors. No one marries nearly a decade of track-record with innovation and performance like Prospera Growth Fund.

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